Helf a Gelf

Helf a Gelf is North Wales biggest Open Studios Event, and this is my reflection of the 2012 entry.

helfa gelf 2012 006
Studio shot 2012

I usually work in series – following a thought or image – until the original is totally subsumed only the ‘bones’ remain. I paint, print, collage and draw on paper, canvas, card, and acetate, searching for something – hoping for the unexpected.

helfa gelf 2012 009
Studio long shot

Reflections” is the theme of my current series. I am interested in the phenomena of two images which become conjoined – where one begins and another ends – where light shines on an area and transforms what seemed like nothing into something spectacular – where a dark night outside reflects a cosy interior against ghostly trees and the seashore – where you are not sure what you will find creeping around the corner.